Open Cube Front Side view

Front Side View with the 3 windows


Thierry Wieleman

The images chosen are, the « souvenir » objects of the inhabitants of Lavoisier and Molenbeek, the prints of the hands of the inhabitants of Lavoisier, the hands painted with henna, the clothes and fabrics, found in Molenbeek and children’s drawings made on the theme of memory. (workshop of Danièle Aron professor of drawing at the Molenbeek Academy).
The objects and hands painted with henna were photographed on different coloured backgrounds and the harmony is achieved by 2/3 of tiles with photos and 1/3 of white tiles.
No tile color touches another tile of the same or similar color. No pattern in the composition which allows to give a chaotic aspect to the harmony of the composition.

About The Open Cube

Article appeared in the third issue of the new quarterly magazine « Contour » of the SLRB page 8.

contour 3 SLRB

English translation :

The 101% program has always given special attention to children from social neighbourhoods. They are always enthusiastic about collaborating on our artistic projects. During a drawing workshop, « Souvenir », on the Lavoisier site, children from very different cultures could make drawings in the form of wallpaper, then applied to the walls of the Open Cube.