Dépliant The Open Cube

The Open Cube


Mosaïc Composition

The tiles on the sides of the cube with the coloured windows

Cube Size: 180 cm x 180 x 180 cm – Tiles Size: 15 cm x 7,5 cm

Cube carrelages.jpg

850 tiles with photo printing, 480 white tiles, 7 windows (30 cm x 15 cm) and 3 coloured windows (30 cm x 90 cm) + 1 windows (30 cm x 30 cm) on the top of the cube.


About The Open Cube

Article appeared in the third issue of the new quarterly magazine « Contour » of the SLRB page 8.

contour 3 SLRB

English translation :

The 101% program has always given special attention to children from social neighbourhoods. They are always enthusiastic about collaborating on our artistic projects. During a drawing workshop, « Souvenir », on the Lavoisier site, children from very different cultures could make drawings in the form of wallpaper, then applied to the walls of the Open Cube.


The Open Cube (suite 1)

Recherche artistique de mosaïque photographique:

Visualisation du cube avec fenêtre et mosaïque photos

The artistic project « The Open Cube » is a 101% project of the SLRB and Logement Molenbeekois. The artistic intervention is a dialogue between a « Corten » steel sculpture and photographs printed on tiles and will be realized on the Logements Lavoisier site located at 44 – 50 rue Charles Malis. You can read more about the project on the SLRB website : http://www.slrb.irisnet.be/fr/particulier/qui-sommes-nous/galeries/open-cube