The Open Cube

The Open Cube – An initiative of the 101% project of

The Housing Company of the Brussels Capital Region (SLRB) and the Social Housing Compagny from Molenbeek-Saint-Jean (Le Logement Molenbeekois).

The artistic intervention is a dialogue between a « Corten » steel sculpture and photographs printed on tiles.

The sculpture and artistic intervention will be carried out on the Lavoisier housing site located at 44 – 50 rue Charles Malis

SLRB-BGHM 101e% and Le Logement Molenbeekois

The images placed and reproduced on the tiles of the « Open Cube » represent:

Everyday objects or souvenirs such as musical instruments, culinary dishes, souvenirs, clothing and fabrics.
Photographs of the neighbourhood
Photographs from Molenbeek’s past

Artistic intervention is a Co-création:

To collect the stories, memories… that the inhabitants want to share with their neighbours, we have organized participative workshops accessible to the inhabitants of the Lavoisier housing units and the inhabitants of the neighbourhood.
Realization of a photo safari,
Henna workshop and make-up,
Photo workshop of « souvenir » objects and culinary dishes,
Drawing workshop on the theme of souvenir
cyanotype and pinhole camera workshop





Art project by 
Sculptor : Patricia Sonville
Visual Artist & Photographer : Thierry Wieleman
Architect : Luc Tillé

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