The confinement of a cup of coffee

Days go by, Dreams go by, Nightmares go by, too – The Time is Always Now

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Days go by, Dreams go by, Nightmares go by, too. The Times is Always Now

The Open Cube Lavoisier : Images/Carrelages de Molenbeek-Saint-Jean

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The Open Cube Lavoisier : Images/Carrelages de Molenbeek-Saint-Jean

– Réalisation d’un livre de 74 pages, format carré 16,8 cm X 16,8 cm, consacré aux photos et témoignages d’habitants, en lien direct avec le projet artistique  » The Open Cube « . Édition de la SLRB (Société du Logement de la Région de Bruxelles-Capitale) Sortie prévue Décembre 2020

Les Différentes Formes de Dialyses

Reportage pour l’Association de Défense des Insuffisants Rénaux asbl. A.D.I.R.

Reportage sur les différentes formes de DIALYSE (traitement de l’insuffisance rénale)


Hémodialyse en hôpital, de jour, de nuit.

Hémodialyse à domicile.

Dialyse Péritonéale, à domicile de jour où de nuit.

Le reportage commencé en Février 2020, a été interrompu par le COVID19, et l’exposition itinérante est postposée pour le printemps 2021.

Nathalie dans tous ses états

Roman photos : Nathalie dans tous ses états

Exposition Carte de Visite 2020
Format : 42 x 59,8 – Papier Hahnemühle Baryta FB

Photographie de couverture

Photographie de couverture pour le roman de l’architecte Pierre Blondel :


Photographie d’objets pour le MoMuse

Photographie de 100 objets qui figurent dans l’exposition permanente du


MoMuse – Musée – Molenbeek – Museum


Exposition au Karreveld

The Open Cube : Composition Study

Image Mosaics V, VI and VII

Exchange – What we do – where we are – what we are .
Neighbourhood and inhabitants

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About The Open Cube

Article about the « The Open Cube » appeared in issue 2 of SLRB’s « Contour » magazine page 5 2

English translation :


As part of the 101% program, SLRB asked Luc Tillé, Patricia Sonville and Thierry Wieleman, the creation of a work of art on the Lavoisier site in Molenbeek.
Artists rely on the participation of tenants social, with whom they have already met extensively during workshops since March 2018.

Together, they want to discover the neighbourhood. The photos meetings are printed on the tiles that will make up the work. The artists organized an exhibition in an unoccupied apartment in order to familiarize the inhabitants of the district when they were created.

The work, an open steel cube of about 2 metres which surrounds a closed cube of tiles,
is not limited to its base. Indeed, the tiles are spread over the walls of corridors and access roads.

The work incorporates reworked elements of the old one tobacco factory.

Mobilcube, the model of the materials of the great work nature, is moved according to the activities.

Artists aspire to a dialogue between photography and sculpture, mixing images and impressions of the inhabitants, their memories and the future they will build with their neighboring countries.
This particularly participatory artistic project will be inaugurated in May 2019.

About The Open Cube

Article appeared in the third issue of the new quarterly magazine « Contour » of the SLRB page 8.

contour 3 SLRB

English translation :

The 101% program has always given special attention to children from social neighbourhoods. They are always enthusiastic about collaborating on our artistic projects. During a drawing workshop, « Souvenir », on the Lavoisier site, children from very different cultures could make drawings in the form of wallpaper, then applied to the walls of the Open Cube.