Dryades l’exposition

Dessins au crayon : Luc Tillé

Photographies sur soie et céramiques raku : Thierry Wieleman

Installation Terre et acier corten : Patricia Sonville


C’est avec plaisir que nous vous invitons au vernissage de l’exposition


Le Vendredi 7.10.2022 à partir de 18:30

Une exposition commune de :

Luc Tillé : Dessins – Paty Sonville : Installation – Thierry Wieleman : Photographie et Céramique

Yuri Matumaru : Danse Butô

Exposition du 8.10.2022 au 16.10.2022

AUX ATELIERS MOMMEN – Rue de la Charité 37 – 1210 Bruxelles

Performance de Butô Le DIMANCHE 16.10.2022 à 18H

Avec la participation au vernissage de l’installation de musique générative


Music producer and sound designer Domus Vista works within the left-field, techno and
experimental branch of electronic music.
With a focus on a playful approach to creating music as well as a hunger for experimenting with
sound, Domus Vista creates intriguing and abstract sound clusters as well as danceable and
purposefully uncanny references to more commonly known musicforms.
For the Vernissage at Mommen Domus Vista will create a specific piece of non-linear generative
music to fill the space of the exhibition. The piece revolves around the relationship between
naturality and artificiality.

Et d’une performance musicale de


NV-4 dives deep into the past to search for the present. This motion comes to life as an intimate
and honest persona and a devoted curiosity when it comes to composing soundscapes, melodies
and lyrics. Her biggest strength is the never ending need to experiment which sends her songs
across genres. NV-4 brings a selection of songs constructed by field recordings, distortion and
serene melodies, performed with a playful voice.

Vernissage du Open Cube

Mercredi 22 septembre 2021 à 16h

Rue Charles Malis 44

1080 Molenbeek-Saint-Jean

Le 101e% de la SLRB a le plaisir de vous inviter au vernissage de l’œuvre d’art public Open Cube  sur le site Lavoisier. Cette œuvre a été réalisé par les artistes Patricia Sonville, Thierry Wieleman et Luc Tillé avec l’implication des habitants.

Le vernissage se tiendra en présence des artistes et de représentants des autorités.

Nathalie dans tous ses états

Roman photos : Nathalie dans tous ses états

Exposition Carte de Visite 2020
Format : 42 x 59,8 – Papier Hahnemühle Baryta FB

Photographie de couverture

Photographie de couverture pour le roman de l’architecte Pierre Blondel :



Photographie d’objets pour le MoMuse

Photographie de 100 objets qui figurent dans l’exposition permanente du


MoMuse – Musée – Molenbeek – Museum


Exhibition from June 5 to 16 Opening on June 4th

It is with great pleasure that we would like to invite you to the exhibition :

« The Open Cube » – Development

A trip to some of Molenbeek’s neighbourhoods, and to the history and memories of the people who live there.
An exhibition that, in the form of photographic mosaics, highlights the results of participatory workshops with the inhabitants of the Lavoisier site and surrounding neighbourhoods.
The model and plans of the sculpture as well as the work of the sculptor Patricia Sonville will also be visible.


The Open Cube


Mosaïc Composition

The tiles on the sides of the cube with the coloured windows

Cube Size: 180 cm x 180 x 180 cm – Tiles Size: 15 cm x 7,5 cm

Cube carrelages.jpg

850 tiles with photo printing, 480 white tiles, 7 windows (30 cm x 15 cm) and 3 coloured windows (30 cm x 90 cm) + 1 windows (30 cm x 30 cm) on the top of the cube.


Open Cube Front Side view

Front Side View with the 3 windows


Thierry Wieleman

The images chosen are, the « souvenir » objects of the inhabitants of Lavoisier and Molenbeek, the prints of the hands of the inhabitants of Lavoisier, the hands painted with henna, the clothes and fabrics, found in Molenbeek and children’s drawings made on the theme of memory. (workshop of Danièle Aron professor of drawing at the Molenbeek Academy).
The objects and hands painted with henna were photographed on different coloured backgrounds and the harmony is achieved by 2/3 of tiles with photos and 1/3 of white tiles.
No tile color touches another tile of the same or similar color. No pattern in the composition which allows to give a chaotic aspect to the harmony of the composition.

The Open Cube : Composition Study

Image Mosaics V, VI and VII

Exchange – What we do – where we are – what we are .
Neighbourhood and inhabitants

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